Canoe Sprint World Championships


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For our Milano 2015 is a winning choice. Italy and its great history combined together with the dynamism of a city like Milan, with the importance of an event like the Expo 2015, and to the skill and passion of Italian Canoe Kayak Federation and Idroscalo Club.

These are the basic elements that led the ICF to choose Milan as the host city for the World Canoeing and Paracanoe Championships in 2015, valid as qualifying for the Olympic Games Rio 2016.

This event will be preceded, in May 2014, from the World Cup, always at Idroscalo of Milan: a real test event for the World Championship 2015, and another step in a journey that began more than four years ago in view of the Brazilian games of 2016.

Milan Expo 2015 will attract millions of people with the theme "Feeding the planet, energy for life "; and there is no better event like a World Championship capable of generating emotions to identify the main primary nourishment of life.

We are emotions, we live the emotions and paddling, experiencing the sport, feel the emotions. The canoe will contribute bringing to the Idroscalo the sporting Main Event with a well-calibrated look towards the five Olympic rings of Rio.

We have worked for years for the World Cup, since in 2010, when the idea was born. Our task was believe it and start the blue wave of acclaim and skills to bring at Idroscalo, once again, a great sports event. After the Canoeing World Championships in 1999 and in 2001 and 2008 European, after the Canoe Polo World Cup in 2010, the best of paddlers in the world will return to fight again in Idroscalo.

The organization machine, which began a long time, has accelerated further since April 15 2011 when in Paris the ICF confirmed Milan as the host city of World Cup 2015.

Before the World Championship, Milan will host the World Cup (May 2 to 4,2014), a test event ahead of what will be the future.The Idroscalo Club is ready, with a strong tradition of decades, since it was founded in 1935, and motivated by the new administrative group. An event complete with functional structures for canoeing and paracanoe (that in Rio 2016 will make its debut in the great family of Paralympic sports).

Milan and Italy because... the media coverage will be complete with the attention of journalists from around the world and a complete tv coverage by Rai (National TV). Milan wants to bring the canoe in the heart of the city: from the regatta course of Idroscalo to Piazza Duomo, with direct connections and the ability for athletes, coaches and fans to visit and know the heart of Italy.

Milan because everything in the world is known as "Italian style", from the elegance of tradition, from fashion to culture, born and passes through Milan. Milan because the world of finance and economics work and produce a decisively in Milan.

Choose the city of "Madonnina" for the World Cup 2015 is a winning choice also for the ability to blend tradition and modernity, technology and imagination, technique and passion. Milan as the canoe, with muscles and intense workouts together with the continuing evolution in materials and technologies. The attitude and passion remain, change only the quality of the instruments.

Milan because history must be known. The theater, La Scala, the Duomo, the Castello Sforzesco, the Navigli and San Siro are some of the key points of a city that breathe sports, and not only on the occasion of the 2014 World Cup and the big event of World Championship in 2015.