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How to reach Milan - Idroscalo club


In the urban area of Milan there are three airports for civil traffic, Malpensa, Linate, Orio al Serio, which represent the major airport system in Italy. Malpensa (MPX)Situated in the Province of Varese, within the Ticino Park, it’s the largest in the system, intended for intercontinental, continental and national flights. It’s directly connected to the city centre through the shuttle service “Malpensa Express”, travel time to the Milan Cadorna station is 30 to 40 minutes.Linate (LIN)It’s the city airport, next to the competition field of Idroscalo, it hosts only national, European and low-cost flights and is connected to the city centre by the No. 73 bus line. Orio al Serio (BGY)The international airport Orio al Serio, close to Bergamo, is utilised mainly for charter, cargo and low-cost flights.

Motorway network

Milan is placed in the centre of the North Italy motorway network and, with its three by pass roads surrounding the urban centre, it links the whole system.The by pass roadsThe by pass roads are three: the West one (A50), the East one (A51), the North one A52).To reach Idroscalo it’s necessary to drive the by pass road East and take the exit to airport Linate. Road signs very easily indicates how to reach Idroscalo.


By pass roads connect to: the cross street East-West (A4) from Turin to Trieste; the dorsal North-South (A1) from Milan to Bologna, Florence, Rome, Naples; the “Serravalle” (A7) to Genoa; the Lakes motorways to Varese, Como, up to Switzerland.

Railway network

Milan Central station is reached by the following railway lines: Turin-Milan, Venice-Milan, Genoa-Milan, Bologna-Milan and is the point of departure of lines to North Europe through the Sempione and Gottardo tunnels. Milan is served by high speed lines to Turin and Rome.