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Canoe Sprint World Championships


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Eddy will be our official mascot during the Sprint and Paracanoeing Canoe Kayak World Championships next August in Milan, Italy. Created by mixing mother “Water” and father “Power” , Eddy represents the paddler’s energy in his/her powerful propulsion in the water. Proposed by Paolo Dockrill, Eddy has been selected within a group of thirty different candidates in what was an official bidding set by the Italian Canoe Kayak Federation. Eddy is able to transmit our values and certainly has many good relations with paddlers, coaches, senior and junior fans from all around the world. Eddy will help us expand all values and peculiarities of our sport …. Funny and Happy at the same time, but sometimes also be a bit mischievous. It is very excited when paddling because his soul can be provided with an extra power . It likes lakes, rivers and everything related to water Sports.

Paolo Dockrill describes his creation during its usual working day :

“Eddy is a graphic lay-out and works for “Giò Matita-Nonsolografica” firm. Eddy is a mix between water, speed, challenge, passion for Canoeing and movement. Its special friend is its paddle. That is indeed a special relationship because they are good friends , but very often competing against each other.”

Eddy is just perfect for this great event of ours.